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Make APARDO your voice for rare disease
in APAC region

As your organizational management evolves, your role as an indispensable partner in your organization's success becomes more noticeable.  You are expected to drive your organization to a path of innovation and change to arrive in the desired efficiency.

APARDO is an umbrella organization whose members are themselves; organizations serving or advocating the rare disease community in the Asia Pacific.  APARDO is your integrated voice in the rare disease international forums.  Our experts have served to strengthen the knowledge, skills, and value of educating rare diseases globally.  We bring the rare disease resources to you directly through:  a network of groups and partners exchanging ideas and information specific to your organization's interest; educational opportunities/events to fit your unique needs; support and updates on the latest practices relative to your organization work environment; and a chance to make a difference in promoting and making your advocacy effective


“It’s great to see the fruitful discussions already taking place, and I’m happy with whatever is decided. I know that we are all in this together and we will make a great team, and I’m looking forward to seeing where APARDO goes!”


—  Fiona Wardman, Co-founder & CEO

Australasian Hereditary Angioedema


As a membership organisation, we strive to serve our members in 3 broad areas, skills development, data resources, and policy awareness.

  • In terms of skills development, we will identify needs & and address gaps of the participating patient groups, for example, to enable online collaboration across the region.

  • In terms of data resources, we will source articles and databases and share them with the members. Such a shared information resource can help members find better care for patients.

  • In terms of policy awareness, we will track policy initiatives affecting the rare disease community in this region and engage the members for a greater voice

Membership Form

Ordinary Members

are non-profit organizations based in the Asia Pacific which directly serves the rare disease community.  These members can vote and can raise matters for discussion in meetings.

Affiliate Members

are partner organisations which do not meet all the criteria for ordinary membership.  These members have all rights of ordinary members but cannot vote or raise matters for discussion in meetings



Our corporate sponsors have many choices, with lots of organisations seeking their support. We stand out from the many other potential partners because we provide the following benefits

  • Broad representation

  • Effective engagement

  • Alignment of objectives

Start benefiting from world resources geared specifically toward your challenges, needs, and interest.

Let's Make A Change

Here are some ways you can participate:

Image by Erika Giraud

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Rare Disease Day

Find out more about Rare Disease Day and the many ways in which you can get involved

Advocacy Resources

Your first step in making a difference.


If you have any questions or would like more information about rare disease in Asia Pacific, our advocates around the region will be happy to help.

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Phone:  (65) 9385 5053

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